Rebuild: Harvest Useful Parts From Old Electronics

Chris Hackett issues a manifesto for taking apart old pieces of technology and reusing their electronics in this episode of Rebuild.
Amped: Why The Power Grid Is Like The World's Worst-Run Restaurant
This episode of Amped, our new original series on the future of energy, takes a look at how the energy grid could use big batteries to better store and manage electricity to account for peak usage.

The Hexoand Is A Personal Drone That Follows You Everywhere
The showroom floor of CES 2016 was home to many drones, but the Hexoand stands out among the flock. The Kickstarter-based project that began in the summer of 2014 has finally culminated in a drone that not only follows its human owner through a smartphone app, but also comes with a built-in gimbal designed to mount a GoPro camera, allowing it to grab video from the front, back and sides. The Hexoand costs $1,349 and is available now online.


HTC Vive Pre Virtual Reality Headset at CES 2016
The virtual reality revolution is on-hand, at least if HTC has anything to say about it. The Taiwanese company best known for its smartphones is entering into the VR market in a big way with its first headset for the mass market: the HTC Vive Pre. It's available for pre-order starting February 29, 2016, and we got to try one early at CES 2016, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Ehang's Drone Copter Aims To Fly You Around -- CES 2016
These days, drones are everywhere you look. But EHang caught everyone's eye with a 'Drone Copter' called the '184,' that was teased on the CES 2016 showroom floor. Currently the company has a working prototype and it is working on working with various governments to eventually get the 184 in the skies near you.You can subscribe to Katie's tech podcast Katie dot Show ( where she shares first looks in technology and interviews some of the most notable minds in the industry.

Build It - Smoke Rings
In this Build It video, projects editor Sophie Bushwick demonstrates how to blow smoke rings without taking up a bad habit. All it takes is a balloon and a plastic bottle.

Amped - Offshore Wind Power
In the first Amped video, we explore the future of wind power. Hint: It involves sending turbines out to sea.

Glyph Virtual Reality Headphones at CES 2016
The product seeks to combine the portability and audio quality of premium headphones with a virtual reality headset.

Huawei Nexus 6P In Matte Gold At CES 2016
Huawei Nexus 6P In Matte Gold At CES 2016

Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch At CES 2016
We take an up-close look at Fitbit's new product, the Blaze smartwatch, announced at CES 2016, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Fleye Drone Is A $1200 Floating Soccer Ball
A Kickstarter project, Fleye is a distinctively shaped drone covered in foam for safety of both objects and people, plus the drone itself.

Byrobot's Battle Robots Fight In The Air At CES 2016
Byrobot is a South Korean company that makes small, lightweight flying "battle robots" that engage with one another using invisible lasers.

DJI Drone Cage at CES 2016
Short clip of popular drone company DJI's booth at CES 2016, which included a net to prevent the drones from colliding with any attendees. Shot on an iPhone 6S Plus.

LG's Ultra Thin G6 TV at CES 2016
Startlingly thin at 2.57 millimeters, the width of a few stacked credit cards, with a 4K OLED display.

Intel BMX Bike Halfpipe At CES 2016
Computer chip company Intel built a whole BMX course at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, to show off its Curie microcomputer, a tiny motion-sensing board that can be embedded, attached, or worn to clothing and sporting equipment.

Nikon 360-Degree Photo Shot With 96 Different Cameras
At CES 2016, camera company Nikon created a 360-degree photo booth made up of 96 different cameras all encircling a single room. Here writer Dave Gershgorn is caught jumping for joy!

CES 2015: Watch Qualcomm's Tank Drone Fly And Wheel Around
The Snapdragon 810 provides phones with better data speeds, longer battery life, and optimized support of 4K video. They can even provide efficient power to make a flying tank drone possible.Read more:

Space Radiation And The Brain
To determine how deep space cosmic rays might affect the brain, researchers exposed mice to space-like radiation. The rodents' neurons exhibited various structural changes, leading to increased confusion and less curiosity.

Sikorsky Raider Takes First Flight
Edited footage from the first test flight of the Sikorsky Raider high-speed helicopter

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